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Introduction and Special Gift Offer

Melodye Yancey

Hi, I'm Melodye of Ellen Joyce Collection and I am so happy that you want to start your journey with and learn more about Cornucopia food for pets.

You want to get your pet healthy again or, perhaps, spare your pet the diseases, illnesses, and ailments that will diminish their quality of life.

You've been lied to for years by the pet food industry and maybe even misguided by your veterinarian.

Don't worry, this organic and safe food for pets has helped other dogs and cats just like yours heal from illnesses and ailments and even brought some back from the brink of death. 

After all, excellent food is medicine.

You've heard the saying: You are what you eat.

If you're feeding your pet diseased, dying animals (and even roadkill in some cases), drugs, including euthanasia drugs, inferior meal products, pesticides, hormones, artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors, or even natural ingredients that cause disease,

then, of course, your pet's health will decline and there will be an early, and more than likely, painful death.

The people in the commercial pet food industry want to make pet food in the cheapest way possible and they don't give a damn about the health of your pet. So it's up to loving and responsible pet parents like us to say NO to the poison pet foods pushed on us by these brands and the veterinarians who support them.

If you're ready to say "YES" to...

  • Human Grade
  • Certified Organic
  • GMO-free
  • Antibiotic-free
  • Free Range
  • Cage-free
  • Harm-free

food for pets, then click the button below and get your first case of Cornucopia food for pets.

I'm excited for you and your pet.

I have faith that when you get your first case or cases of food, that you will be very pleased and your pet will be jumping with joy over this new food that you have gifted him or her with.

Here at Ellen Joyce Collection, we are all about gifting and giving, and I have a special gift for you for purchasing Cornucopia and letting them know that I referred you.

As a way of saying thank you, I will give you this personalized ceramic mug made for pet parents just like us.

You love and adore your pet and he or she is a member of your family. 

This personalized mug expresses that sentiment.

Just for my Cornucopia referral buyers, I'm offering a few different personalization options for you to choose from. 

I know that some of us don't have pure bred pets, we have adorable mixed breeds, so a dog or cat breed personalization may not be best for you.

The 3 personalization options are...

  • Personalized Breed (Dog or Cat)
  • Personalized Pet Type & Name
  • Personalized Pet Names (for those of us with multiple pets)

See some examples below.

Personalized Breed - Cat

Personalized Pet Type & Name

Personalized Pet Type & Name-Cat

Personalized Pet Type & Name

Personalized Pet Names

Personalized Pet Names

When you place your first order for Cornucopia pet food, you'll need to list me as the referrer. Once you have requested your free gift and I've confirmed the order, I will send you your free personalized pet mug.

How To Order Cornucopia


Click the button to buy cornucopia food for pets

Click the button below to buy your first case of Cornucopia. You'll be redirected to the Cornucopia website. 


Choose for your pet type

Choose "Dogs" or "Cats" from the top menu to see the food choices.

How to order Cornucopia Step 2

Add your choice(s) to cart

There are many flavors of Cornucopia to choose from. I suggest starting with the mixed case of all varieties so that you'll learn which flavors your pet prefers.

You'll see that you get volume discounts for buying more than 1 case.

Remember, if you want 5 cases, buy the Superpack Special.

You'll get 5 3/4 cases with that deal.

How to order Cornucopia Step 3

Fill in the information requested

Doc requires you to complete a short form each time you order. This is one of the ways he sees what's going on with your pet(s) and he can then contact you if necessary for added support.

How to order Cornucopia Step 4


I suggest typing your responses into a document (notepad, Google doc, etc) and saving it for use with future orders. Then all you have to do is copy and paste your responses into the fields.


List me as the person who referred you

When you come to the question that says, "How did you come to find Cornucopia?", there will be a drop down menu to select from. Choose "OTHER".

 This will display another question, "Please provide the name of the person so that we can thank them for their referral." 

This is where you enter my name in ALL CAPS - MELODYE YANCEY

This is the only way that I will be on record as the person that referred you to Cornucopia.

Enter MELODYE YANCEY as referral

click "proceed to checkout"

After the form has been completed. Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button.

If your form is not completely filled out, you will not be able to proceed.

How to order Cornucopia Step 6

complete the contact information

Enter your contact info:
Enter your email address, shipping address,
and click the box next to "Save this information for next time".
This should create your account, so that on future orders all you have to do is log in.
Click the "Continue to Shipping" button.

How to order Cornucopia Step 7

confirm & continue to payment

Here you will see your email and shipping address. Confirm that they are correct. If they are not, Click the link that says "Return to Information" and make corrections.

Shipping is included via FedEx, so no worries.

If all is correct, Click the "Continue to Payment" button.

How to order Cornucopia Step 8

Enter payment info & Pay

Here you will see your email, shipping address, and that shipping is included.

Enter your credit card information and confirm the billing address.

Then, click the "Pay Now" button.

You will see a screen that shows that your order was placed and you will

receive an email as well.

Later, you should receive an email when the order is shipped and you should also receive an email from FedEx about your shipment.

How to order Cornucopia Step 9

How Claim Your Free Gift


Bookmark this page so that you can return here easily to

claim your free gift.

If you have ordered your first case of Cornucopia and listed me as your referral, now's the time to request your free gift!

To claim your free personalized mug, answer a few short questions below and be sure to enter your name and email.

You will then be sent an email with a form to complete to order your free gift mug.

You'll be able to choose your desired mug type and enter the personalized text that you want printed on the mug.

Then I will personally design your mug and have it printed and shipped to you right away.

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