Best Organic Pet Food for Healing Pets and Keeping Them Healthy

Organic pet food. There was a time, honestly, when I would have thought you were stone crazy for even suggesting that I feed my pets that. After all, if I wasn't buying and eating it myself, I sure wasn't going to buy it for them. 

It's not that I didn't love them - I adored all my fur babies. But organic food is expensive, right? I was sure that there was great pet food that was not organic.

This way of thinking cost me more than you could imagine.  

I want to share what I have found about organic pet food - one in particular - in the hopes that I can help you to make the best decision regarding what to feed your precious kitten, puppy, dog or cat. 

It will change his or her life for the better (and yours).

Healing Pets with Food

white puppy and kitten sitting

I have always been an animal lover ever since I can remember. I used to watch movies with my mom as a child where horses were getting killed and I remember being extremely upset, crying uncontrollably because the horses were getting hurt and killed. I remember my mom, with slight amusement, trying to calm me down and telling me, “It's just a movie. The horses are actors. Nothing happened to the horses, they’re okay”, or “nothing happened to the dogs” or whatever animal was being harmed onscreen. But to this day it still hurts - even though I know they're just actors and it's just pretend. It pains my heart to see animals getting hurt by any means, but especially by careless humans. 

Unfortunately we have a lot of that in the real world - animals of the world, dogs, cats, pets, being abused in some way by the human population, whether it's conscious or unconscious behavior. I wish I could change this world. Unfortunately I can’t do that by myself, but what I can do is share information that will help you to make enormous positive changes in your pets life.

I've had dogs my whole life. My family were dog people so there was always a dog in my life whether it was my grandmother's dog or my great grandmother's dog or dogs that my mom adopted. When I became a young adult and moved in with my soon-to-be husband, we adopted my first kitten. Keri was the most beautiful Siamese cat - well she was the most beautiful cat I'd ever seen. We also got a puppy, a Labrador Collie mix, and Keefe and Keri grew up to be best friends. That's when I realized, “I’m a cat person”. I shouldn't be surprised because I'm a Leo, which is represented by the regal lion. Since then, I haven't gotten any more dogs and my dog, Keefe, passed away some years ago. 

So in the years following that, I've adopted cats - whether they were stray cats from around my home or whether I actually purchased the cat, or officially adopted a cat. At one point I had seven animals, including my dog Keefe, in my home. Each of these animals, unique in their personalities, brought me so much joy over the years. Unfortunately, I lost most of my babies to dreadful illness that,  now, I suspect was caused by the food that I was feeding them. When I first got Keefe and Keri I did research and thought that I was feeding my babies some of the best food.

Several years later, I was laid off from my job and could only afford pet food from Walmart. It was a huge bag of dry cat food that lasted for a really long time and at that point I had five cats - Mamsita, Patch, Jet, Bear and Ripley. That was a lot of mouths to feed with no money. I did what I had to do. They never went a day without food. However, I am pretty sure that food was a killer. I didn't know this at the time, of course. A bit later I graduated to a grain free food that I got from Petco and I thought that by getting grain free I was doing my pets a service. But there’s so much more than “grain free” that we need to be looking for in the foods that we feed our fur babies. 

I now only have 2 of my 7 companions - Ripley and Bear. Ripley has faced a cancerous tumor and Bear is entering his senior years. Ripley's illness prompted me to seek out the best food for them. I found more than just the best organic pet food - I also found a vast amount of knowledge about the pet food industry.

Here at Ellen Joyce Collection, we're all about giving and gifting. So, I’m going to show you how you can give your pet one of the best gifts that you can possibly give. You’ll learn…

  • My and Ripley’s story of how we started on this organic pet food journey so that you get know a bit about us; and our story my be a familiar one you can identify with
  • How my cats reacted to the new food so that you have an example of how two very different cats behaved and an idea of what to expect with your pet
  • The truth about the pet food industry so that you are armed and able to make good decisions for your furry family members
  • The truth about natural pet foods so that you know whether or not you should be buying them
  • What you SHOULD be looking for and what should absolutely NOT be in your pet’s food so that you know exactly what to feed your pet to live a healthy, energetic, and disease free lifestyle
  • Where to get this optimal food for your dogs and cats so that you don’t waste time searching and your pet can start enjoying his/her life changing food ASAP
  • An honest and reliable resource that you can call anytime so that you can get answers regarding your pet’s health when needed

Within this page, you'll see testimonials from pet parents whose fur baby's health was much improved simply by changing to a healing and safe food. I'll start by telling my family's journey and how I came to want to share this goodness with you.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. 

— Hippocrates, father of medicine

Ripley's Cat Cancer a Blessing?

In early 2018, I felt a very small pimple-like bump on my female cat’s upper chest area. I just thought it was a bump, but knew I should keep an eye on it. Daily, as I rubbed her, I would feel the bump for any changes. There were none for a few months, then like overnight the bump grew bigger. 

I knew something was wrong, but hoped it was just a benign cyst or something. Something told me to get pet insurance right away. After the insurance waiting period, I took Ripley to the vet and they said they’d remove the lump and test it.

Ripley healing after cancerous tumor removed

The surgery and after care would cost me nearly $1000. We proceeded quickly with the surgery. After a couple of days of recovering at home, the veterinarian called to tell me that the lump removed was malignant.

She went on to say that cancer in the mammary glands was common and would return. She believed Ripley’s life expectancy was 1-2 years.

I was mortified. “My cat has breast cancer?!” I had just lost my mother a few months earlier to breast cancer and I just could not believe what was happening. I cried and prayed. Then I got to work to find something to help her. 

So why do I say her cat breast cancer was a blessing? Well, I don't believe her illness was a coincidence. I believe it was a sign to make some much needed changes in all our lives. My mom had just passed away from breast cancer, and most of my previous pets succumbed to terrible illness in the previous few years. I thought then (and still do) that I should've done more to help them heal and get well. I feel that I gave my power away to the doctors and veterinarians.

Learning of Ripley's illness lit a fire under me. I have always believed in holistic medicine and the healing power of food and herbs. Her vet had no hope for a lasting recovery which was unacceptable. I'd done all I could do medically for Ripley by removing the cancerous tumor. Now, it was time to get back to basics; the basics of using food and herbs as medicine. That small malignant bump trying to take root in Ripley changed all our lives for the better. Ripley and Bear are living much healthier now with their safe, organic pet food and I continue to expand the boundaries in my own health journey, making healthier food choices - including eating more organic foods - and incorporating healing herbs into my daily life.

UPDATE: It's now been almost 2 years since Ripley's cancerous tumor was removed and I was given that doom-n-gloom prognosis from the area vet. She's well and happy :) 

The Problem: Poison Pet Food

I searched on cat cancer and herbal cat cancer remedies. In my search, I found that far too many dogs and cats are suffering with cancer (and other diseases). I found an article about toxic pet foods and a best organic pet foods list.  I have believed for quite some time that our food plays a pivotal role in our health. I also believe that food is medicine, so this was the best place to start.

After reviewing the list, I contacted three of the pet food manufacturers on the list that looked promising to me. One sent me samples, one I could not contact, and the other, Cornucopia Pet Foods, I ultimately purchased.

The samples were appreciated by my pets, they were on dry food at the time, so they loved the canned food. My boy, Bear, does not like shredded meat that much, so that was a small issue, but one that needed to be avoided.

I decided to order a 12 pack of 12.8 oz cans of Cornucopia. I ordered the mixed case to see which flavors Ripley and Bear would like best. Shortly after I placed the order, my phone rang. It was a New York number and I did not recognize it, but I answered anyway. It was Dr. Geoffrey Broderick, the founder of Cornucopia Pet Foods.

What a surprise! He told me that he read over my order and the questionnaire responses (when ordering, customers must answer a few short questions). He was concerned about Ripley’s cancer situation. We talked for almost 2 hours about the pet food industry, ingredients that are killing our pets, and more - Dr. Broderick likes to talk :) 

Doc asked me what I was currently feeding my cats. I told him it was Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Real Chicken Adult Cat Food. He asked me to read off the ingredients to him. I did. And as I read he would tell me about that particular ingredient.

What I learned was shocking. I thought that I was giving my babies good quality food.

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick

Dr. Broderick's

Open Invitation #1

Dr. Broderick invites you to call him to discuss your current dog and/or cat food. Have the list of ingredients ready so that Doc can give you the truth of what you're feeding your pet.      I think he loves these calls, so don't hesitate :)

This food is being marketed as “100% all natural, protein rich, grain free recipes; High quality natural ingredients; No poultry by-products, corn, wheat or soy; no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives”.

But that is not the reality Doc opened my eyes to.

These are the first few ingredients in this food:

Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Dried Potatoes, Peas, Chicken, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), Natural Flavor, Pea Fiber, Pea Protein, Dried Yeast Culture, Salt, Organic Dried Alfalfa Meal, Choline Chloride, Minerals...


The first ingredient in pet food should be meat - and it should be organic meat. Instead the first two ingredients are inferior meal products.

Doc told me that meal is made from a process of combining all the non-human grade food (meat from sick, diseased animals) together and processing it into this meal - a process called extrusion.

Then there’s the potatoes and peas...notice that there are three different types of  pea ingredients. According to doc, “another highly misleading trick is to list peas, pea protein, pea fiber and pea starch separately, because if they were listed together by weight as peas, they could become the first ingredient. Upon close observation of certain bags of pet foods, a person could realize they are simply buying a big bag of ‘pee’.”

I felt so horrible after learning this about the ingredients. I was also angry. Angry that the pet food industry would do this to our beloved babies and angry with myself for not knowing and for trusting them blindly.

Along with my mixed case of food,  I also purchased Dr. Broderick’s book, Compassion For Pets, so that I could learn more.

The Solution: Cornucopia Food for Pets

Cornucopia isn't pet food, It is...

Human Grade

Certified Organic



Free Range



food for pets.

If you have a cat with cancer (or a dog), it does not have to be a death sentence. I would suggest immediately switching your pet to Cornucopia food for pets along with any medical treatments. I also recommend contacting Dr. Broderick because there is more that you can do supplement wise.

In fact, changing your pet's food to a safe pet food like Cornucopia would be my first step in healing a sick pet. By all means, take your fur baby to the vet, but health starts with what we put IN our bodies. 

Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism

Dear Dr. Broderick,

I am so grateful that I found your pet food for my cats. It has literally brought my 14 year old male cat back to life.

Before using Cornucopia, he had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I went online and discovered that his condition was in large part due to the the food I had been feeding him, For wet food, he ate Friskies and Fancy Feast. For dry food, he ate Purina Indoor Cat Chow. Treats were Party Mix by Friskies. I had been unaware that these foods were not beneficial for his optimum well being. He loved the taste of them but they were creating serious health problems for him.

I searched in vain for any nutritional vets in my area, so I opted to use the Hills food. I was only given two choices -radiation or Hills Prescription Diet food. For over half a year, he begrudgingly ate the food but showed no signs of improvement. He actually got worse loosing more weight on his now very slender frame. His energy level plummeted to where he was listless, weak and sleeping excessively. I was starting to consider putting him to sleep when a friend recommended Cornucopia.

Over the last couple of months, my male cat has made marked improvement. His coat is now thick and luxuriant. The sparkle has returned to his eyes and he is bounding up and down the 7 foot cat condo with ease. He's chasing after lizards again on my screen porch and playing with my female cat. She in turn has slimmed down on Cornucopia and is sleek, active and fun loving for a 10 year old cat.

Both of my cats are now vibrant and happy being on Cornucopia. Their lives have turned around for the better and I am so tremendously grateful for their vast improvement.

Thank you for providing a quality pet food that has saved the life of my male cat and greatly enhanced the quality of life for my female cat. Your work and dedication to bringing excellent food for owners of their beloved animals is priceless.

With much appreciation,
Anne Freihofer

All testimonials were originally posted to the Cornucopia website.

My Pets’ Experience with Cornucopia

Dog and Cat with Stethescope

I was so excited when the food arrived a couple of days later (very fast delivery by Fedex). I could not wait to see their reaction to the food.

Bear absolutely loves Cornucopia.  He eats every flavor well. I like to rotate through all the foods with him and I believe he enjoys having a different flavor every other day.Ripley is much more picky I’ve learned. Her favorite is organic chicken. She’ll eat a bit of other flavors, but again, very finicky. I still give her other flavors because I want her to have other meats than chicken. Sometimes I’ll mix the organic chicken with another flavor for her.

Despite her finickiness, she seemed to thrive on Cornucopia. A few months later she got very ill. She would not eat and I was very afraid. I called Doc Broderick and he gave me some tips for her. It was around Thanksgiving and he told me to give her turkey broth. At the family dinner, I was able to get some and I gave that to her until it ran out. Then he told me to make a “soup” from the Cornucopia and feed that to her throughout the day. I did this too, but felt it was time for a vet visit.

I took her to the vet and was told she had an infection. She was given antibiotics. She still would not eat, so I was giving her the Cornucopia soup. I continued this until she got stronger and she decided she was ready to eat on her own again. Dr. Broderick was wonderful throughout this stressful time. I spoke with him every day (per his urging) until Ripley was well again. Even though he is thousands of miles away in New York, I felt he was with me through this scary time.

I believe the Cornucopia soup was a life saver. We weren’t talking about a couple of days here of not eating. It was about two weeks that I fed Ripley the soup. Again, I was very grateful for Cornucopia. It turns out it was the best food for a sick cat.

Yes, she had the antibiotics that knocked out the infection, but wholesome food is medicine as well. The Cornucopia soup kept Ripley hydrated and properly nourished while her body was healing. I wished I had it for my previous pets when they got ill - it could have been the difference that kept them alive.

About a year after being on Cornucopia exclusively, I had some financial hardship and could not order my cases of Cornucopia. I decided to go to Kriser’s Natural Pet Store which supposedly only carries natural pet foods. I spoke with the sales person on duty for a while about my cats. I wanted the BEST food in the store.  He pointed out a couple of the top sellers. I bought a few cans of one brand, Weruva, and made note of a couple of others. This food came in all shredded meat, which Bear is not crazy about, but they ate it well enough. 

Cornucopia food, super-food, phytofood - sea salt & organic sulfur

Judy Erickson on Jul 12, 2016

I believe my 14 yr. old Himalayan suffering from pancreatitis and fourth stage renal failure has been spared because of my visit to Dr. Broderick, after the NYC animal medical hospital had given up on him $13,000 later.

Dr. Broderick had broken down the ingredients in the Weruva cat food I was feeding my cat, who was addicted to the Weruva, turns out he was addicted to the sugar (4th ingredient, by the name of Potato Starch). I have weened him off the food and all the meds. that were making him sick and weak and losing weight. He has regained his health with the Cornucopia food, superfood and sulfur in a matter of 3 months. He is still on the sub fluids and pepcid (due to pancreatitis, probably brought on by the sugar in the Weruva) other than that, he is happy and comfortable and I believe will continue to improve thanks to the best money spent at Dr. Broderick's clinic.

All testimonials were originally posted to the Cornucopia website.

The next time I bought larger cans of a different brand, Nulo. They ate this well too. For about 30 days, they ate this replacement “natural” canned pet food.

Then I was finally able to order my cases of Cornucopia. My babies were back on the good stuff. But a few days later, Ripley’s stool turned white. I read that this could be extremely serious and got very worried.

I took a stool sample to the area vet. All results were normal. I talked with the herbal company where I get the cancer herb for Ripley - they had no idea why her stool would be white either. They told me to double her herbal meds for a week to boost her immune system. I did. 

I called Dr. Broderick. He also did not know why her stool was white. So with no explanation for this stool color change, I simply continued feeding her Cornucopia and after a few more days, her stool was back to normal.

Bear also had an adverse reaction to the replacement food. At first, all was well, then he started having loose stool, then diarrhea. That stopped shortly after getting back on Cornucopia.

Lesson learned! Do not feed Bear or Ripley any other food but Cornucopia.

When I stray away from Cornucopia, that’s when problems start.

Ripley and Bear now are thriving on Cornucopia food for pets. They are happy as clams :)

Bear will not shut up when it's time to eat (he never did that before with the dry food).

Ripley's palate has expanded and she has a few more flavor favorites, which makes me very happy.

Review Summary

Product Name:

Cornucopia Food for Pets

Product Type:

Organic Pet Food


$69.99 per case - volume discounts


Cornucopia is high quality organic food for pets. My two cats are thriving on Cornucopia. There is plenty of variety in the flavors for even the pickiest of pets. When I buy Cornucopia, I'm investing in the health and longevity of my two fur babies. And since Cornucopia is like preventative medicine, I save on vet bills as well.

The Shocking Truth About Pet Food Every Pet Parent Needs To Know

Siamese cat eating out of yellow bowl

Pet foods were widely considered a good way to use up the by-products and not-fit-for-human-consumption waste that came out of the fat rendering business from slaughterhouses and agricultural processing facilities. 

These waste products included bakery and candy waste, plus the waste of liquor and alcohol distillery factories.

“It was rough taking on the established pet food cartel, but it was my calling. We needed to eliminate BHT, BHA, ethoxyquin, propylene glycol, artificial flavors, artificial colors, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and sugar in pet food for the same reason that many natural health enthusiasts wanted to remove them from human food: they had no nutritional value, and in some cases, contributed to sickness and diseases, sometimes leading to death.”

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick

Excerpt from Dr. Broderick’s book,
Compassion for Pets

In the early 1950s, a machine called the extruder was invented to cook and manufacture dry pet food, and it was at that time the pet food industry went into high gear. Extrusion made it possible to process the waste products of the fat-rendering industry. 

Rendering is when you take dead, down (disabled), diseased, and dying (4D) animals, including road kill, and boil them in a giant cauldron until the fat separates from the meat and bones and floats to the top of the vat. This rendered fat is skimmed off and sold as various categories of grease for frying, baking, and candlestick making, etc. The heavier meat and bones sink to the bottom of the tank, thus the name for the most undesirable parts of the animal is called "tankage”.


This residue of rendering was dried and ground into different grades of meat and bone meal. The "meal”, a finely ground, granular substance, is then packed in large bags or sold in bulk.

At first, it was primarily used for hog and cattle feed or fertilizer. Now it is primarily used for pet food. The bone meal may contain aluminum cans, soda bottles, plastic bottles and bags, paper and plastic packaging, metal jar tops - all ground so finely that the added contaminants blend in and are undetectable by the naked eye.

The meal may also contain antibiotics and steroid residues from the 4D animals as well as the GMOs they were fed or injected with, such as recombinant bovine growth hormone. This meal is now ready for the extruder to make expanded pet food. 

The animal meal is mixed with corn meal, soybean meal, oatmeal, alfalfa meal, and corn distillers dried meal, a by-product of the liquor industry. Also added is bakery by-products meal (from the baking and candy industry,) which is loaded with sugar and flour, muffins, cakes, cookies, candies, chocolate, icing and fillers, along with any other ingredient that is swept or vacuumed off the processing equipment or floor. 

This is then bagged or dumped into drums and loaded onto tractor trailers for delivery to the pet food factor where it is incorporated as a profitable ingredient instead of being a costly liability that would have to be delivered to the local landfill or garbage dump for an expensive disposal fee. Now you know why  so many pet food companies are owned by conglomerates that make candy.

What About Natural Pet Foods?

Cornucopia started the natural food industry in the United States. “Natural pet food is a total joke now. It started off to be something great and turned into a joke”, asserts Doc Broderick.

“I developed my own natural, organic line of pet foods more than forty-seven years ago. This was long before anybody was using the word “natural” as a gimmick to promote pet food. In fact, I was one of the pioneers in the natural pet food movement.”

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick

Sugar is natural. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is natural. Aspartame is natural. So because they are natural, pet food manufacturers can just list these as “natural flavors” in the ingredients.

Sugar, aspartame, and MSG are allowed to be added into pet foods to get the animals hooked on it by making it sweet. It’s all done under the guise of "natural flavors". These technicalities are how they are constantly hooking the animals, just like they have done to all of us.

"Us" includes our pets, whose lifespan has already been decreased by one-half to two-thirds in my lifetime. Our bodies and those of our pets act the same.

Sugar Blues, by William Dufty, got down to the root cause of disease - sugar. Sugar kills the immune system. Then viral and environmental toxins - the two major ways of getting cancer - come into play and poison the body. Sugar is sweet, natural, and deadly.

““Natural” is just an absurd slogan or definition that the criminals on Madison Avenue thrive with.”

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick

Don't be fooled by the use of the word "natural" the way I was for so many years. We've got to dig deeper when looking for the best foods for ourselves and our pets.

Cornucopia customer, Fame, diligently searched for the "best" food on the market for her German Shepherd, Sky. She was purchasing commercial "organic" and raw food, but Sky was still having some big issues with her health. Then she found Cornucopia. Fame and Sky's transformational story is below.

Sky (14 Month Old German Shephard) - Fame Cohen, Owner

I want to thank Dr. Broderick for creating this wonderful line of pet foods and supplements! I am a very conscious shopper when it comes to Sky, my 14 month old german shepherd rescue. I've never been impressed with anything in the pet stores regarding dog food. I stuck to organic brands or raw food mostly but never felt 100% confident about her nutritional intake. She was a very picky eater and rarely finished an entire serving. When I came across Cornucopia on Shark Tank it seemed very impressive so I decided to try it out. Doc made so much sense to me as I lost my last dog to the pitfalls of commercial food and meds on the market. The heartbreak was so bad, I vowed to search high and low for something better the next time around. When I received my first shipment, Sky devoured her first serving! I could tell the quality of the food just by smelling it and seeing her response. Now she is eating every meal and her entire appetite is healthier. I feel automatically better knowing her food is "enjoyable".

She no longer has large soft stool, mucous or "the runs". Her energy is very steady and she is no longer overly hyper. I immediately saw a difference in temperament as well, she was calmer and less disruptive. At one point, Shark Tank re-aired and Cornucopia was on back-order so I put my dog back on commercial organic dog food for approximately 2 weeks ... I felt like she had ADD! She was hyper, disruptive and charged up. Her attention span shortened and she was less focused. It was like watching a child react to a bag of candy. I also noticed something extremely interesting regarding her immune system. I had been feeding her Cornucopia with the supplements for approximately 2 months when I fostered another GSD from the local kill shelter. He came to me with a terrible case of kennel cough and it was very hard for me to keep the 2 puppies separated (in a NYC apartment) as they were so excited to be together. I was very concerned about Sky contracting kennel cough but she did not! At all!!! Anyone who's ever dealt with kennel cough knows how extremely contagious it is. My dog's immune system seemed to be in top shape at that point. I genuinely believe it is due to the food and supplements she is taking.

At first it seems expensive but it really isn't considering you don't have to buy dry food to mix it with and the contents I add to it are already in my fridge. She loves it so much I can mix it with leafy greens, veggies and fruits and she will still eat it right up. I also add the supplements to her food. My dog has no weight issues either. She is in great shape and has great energy. She is so happy during feeding times now! Thank you so much! I can't recommend it enough!

All testimonials were originally posted to the Cornucopia website.

Cornucopia: The Best Organic Human Grade Food for Pets

White puppy and kitten playing

Cornucopia was founded by Dr. Geoffrey Broderick, who’s been practicing veterinary medicine in New York for over 50 years. He’s also a scientist, a passionate advocate for animals, and a practicing nutritionist. Doc Broderick has a busy clinic in the Southdown section of Huntington, Long Island, New York. 

“I wanted to

create a different kind

of practice - one that brought the same principles of preventative medicine to animals

that a handful of progressive physicians were applying to their human patients.” 

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick

In the early 1970’s,  he decided to develop his own natural, organic line of pet foods because he was unhappy with the selection of commercial pet foods, and after seeing the overall poor condition of the animals and red dye passing in the stool.

He treats animals with the same philosophy that progressive physicians of human naturopathic and alternative medicine are now using to treat people. 

Doc helps animals help themselves to build their immune systems through real, organic nutrition so they won't get sick in the first place. His work with nutrition has proven that many "sick" animals aren't really sick as much as they are deficient in vital nutrients. THEY ARE eating food containing ingredients that are making them sick. 

“I've devoted my professional life as a veterinarian to designing healthy food for animals.”

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick

So Doc went to work, cooking up the nation's first natural, organic pet food. It was called Cornucopia,  and the original batches were created in his home and office. 

He and his son, Geoffrey, caught bunker fish and canned the ground fish in Ball mason jars. Based on that early recipe, he experimented - adding different ingredients and seeing the results with his own eyes. 

"Cornucopia wasn't your typical pet food. We didn't just rely on one protein. In addition to fish, we packed those cans with all different types of healthy, fresh animal proteins and healthy fats.

The results were amazing. I was seeing animals come into my office with allergies and autoimmune disorders that cleared up after a few months on my food.

I watched older animals regain their mobility and youthful vitality. Obese animals slimmed down, and common disease were rare among the pets under my care.

The most common observation, which continues to this day, was from my clients worldwide, who told me, 'My pets are growing younger!' " 

Tootsie (12 Year Old Yorkie) - Janette Mercado

I honestly never send or leave feedback for anything, but after the use of Cornucopia food for 5 months my dog is back to her old self again. My yorkie Tootsie is 12 years old and was suffering from arthritis in her hind legs so much so, that prior to this food she would receive Adquan shots every 10 days to combat the progression. She would have trouble walking, getting up and could no longer jump off of something as little as the curb. Now that she has been eating Cornucopia she no longer receives the shots and has very little to no issues with jumping off the curbs and running around. I wanted to praise the doctor for helping my best friend's quality of life and restoring her joy again!

Thank you again

Janette & Tootsie

All testimonials were originally posted to the Cornucopia website.

Human Grade Food for Pets

Cat laying on Dalmation dog

All Cornucopia foods are made with the highest quality human-grade, Certified Organic ingredients, keeping the animals healthy and increasing their lifespan 3x.

They are formulated for cats and dogs of all ages and supply optimal nutrition by giving them the purest, most non-toxic high protein formula using absolutely minimal amounts of carbohydrates with no fillers, and no sugar so you get more for your money! 

Why Cornucopia is the Healthiest Choice for Your Pets:

  • No By-Products
  • No Farmed Fish
  • No GMO
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Rendered Meals or Food Waste
  • No Hormones, Pesticides, or Herbicides
  • No Artificial Sweeteners, Colors, or Flavors
  • No Euthanasia Drugs or Drugs of Any Kind EVER in Cornucopia Food!
  • No Preservatives
  • No Gluten
  • No Sugars
  • No Meal
  • No Wheat, Corn, or Soy
  • No Carrageenan
  • No Aspartame, MSG or "Natural Flavors"

Cornucopia foods are Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, a third-party organic certifying agency – ensuring that every ingredient used is of the highest standard and the purest quality for your pet.

Dr. Broderick taste tests each flavor and size from each batch! He will not make, distribute or sell anything to you and your pets that he does not eat himself.

"From the beginning, my belief was that if it wasn’t good enough for me to eat, then it wasn’t good enough for the animals that share our lives. So during my career, I've personally sampled every lot of pet food produced under my name."

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick

“In my practice I haven't had one case of diabetes or cancer in 20 years.”

Cornucopia Food Variety

In addition to being a top-notch human grade dog food and human grade cat food, Cornucopia has a variety of 8 flavors for even the pickiest eater!

Ripley’s favorite is the Pure Organic Chicken. Bear loves all the flavors.

Cornucopia's ingredients are over 90% animal protein. I've listed the eight flavors and the main meat ingredients (just click the flavor title to see them). All Cornucopia food includes a vitamin mix, a mineral mix, and a few other wholesome ingredients.

Pure Organic Chicken

Organic Chicken, Organic Chicken Gizzards, Organic Chicken Livers, Organic Chicken Hearts

Purrfect Dinner

Organic Chicken, Wild-Caught Salmon, Organic Chicken Liver, Organic Turkey, Wild-Caught Sardines

Chicken & Egg Dinner

Organic Chicken, Wild-Caught Salmon, Organic Chicken Liver, Wild-Caught Sardines

Turkey & Giblets Dinner

Organic Turkey, Organic Chicken, Organic Chicken Liver, Wild-Caught Salmon, Wild-Caught Sardines

NEW - Slow Roasted Turkey

(ask for this by phone because it’s not listed on the site yet)

Organic Turkey slow roasted in it's own juices.  It reminds me of a meatloaf and has lots of good juice gravy in the can!


Organic Chicken, Organic Chicken Livers, Organic Chicken Hearts, Organic Chicken Gizzards, Organic Turkey

Pure Organic Turkey

Organic Turkey, Organic Turkey Gizzards, Organic Turkey Livers

Harvest Dinner

Organic Chicken, Wild-Caught Salmon, Organic Turkey, Organic Chicken Liver, Wild-Caught Sardines

NEW - Slow Roasted Chicken

(ask for this by phone because it’s not listed on the site yet)

Organic Chicken, and organic chicken liver slow roasted in it's own juices.  It reminds me of a meatloaf and has lots of good juice gravy in the can!

The flavors come in 12.8 oz cans (case of 12) and 6 oz cans (case of 24), which are purchased by the case. The price for a case starts at $69.99. You get a volume discount when you buy multiple cases at a time. And there is no extra cost for shipping - it's included in the price (FedEx shipping).

Real Food for Dogs and Cats

Cornucopia Cost & Value

So, I know what you’re saying, “$69.99 per case. That’s steep.”

Keep in mind that all Cornucopia foods are made from only the very best organic and healthy, safe ingredients for pet and human consumption.

Each case of Cornucopia is valued at


It definitely costs more than the average bag or can of pet food at your local store and you also get so much more in return!

Cornucopia is an investment in your pet’s health. Through the power of metabolizable energy and preventative nutrition, your pets will be more energetic and live a longer life eating real food that is non-toxic.

One can of Cornucopia Pet Food contains more metabolizable energy than any pet food on the market. That means you can feed your animal less, and stretch your budget further.

You’ll also save money on sick pet vet bills. The high quality organic, non-toxic Cornucopia embodies the food as medicine practice. You’ll see from the testimonials from Cornucopia customers how this wondrous food has helped dogs and cats heal and thrive again, while saving many pet parents hundreds of dollars (some thousands) on veterinary bills and treatments that weren’t working.

"I've seen incredible things in the course of my daily work: I have seen sick animals healed and animals with "allergies" regain their vigor, regrow their coats, and regain their youthful vitality.

I have seen tumors shrink and disappear, and animals debilitated and dying from diabetes become "reborn'' without the need for insulin."

If you're like me, you want to get the healthiest pet food, but you also want the most and best quality for your money :)

Doc offers a great deal called the Superpack Special that is 5 ¾ cases at a discount. I was saving $39 buying the Superpack.  You can see my figures below.

Your figures will vary depending on the number of pets you have and the amount of food you're feeding them each day, but the calculations are the same. Buying the Superpack Special will save you money if you decide to invest in it. 

I like to mix up the cases and get both of my cats' favorites :)

Superpack Special vs 3 Cases

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More Unbelievable Cornucopia Organic Food for Pets Success Stories

Black and white dog standing up on hind legs

Cornucopia has plenty of positive feedback from customers on their website. Most of the pets were experiencing illness, chronic ailments, or even diagnosed as terminal by their area vets.  These pet parents found Cornucopia and decided to invest in their fur baby's health and life.

My Dog Lost Weight

In 3 months, I got 5 lbs off of Murphy, my Scottie and his liver enzymes dropped from 1100 to 600!! My vet (who wanted to do a liver biopsy) was stunned!

Carrie W.

Tony (16 Year Old Cat) - Nina Hyre

My 16 year old cat, Tony, had almost completely quit eating. He had lost a lot of weight and was just sleeping all the time. He has always eaten dry food - even though I tried to give him canned food when he was a kitten, he didn't like it. I was told Science Diet was the best - so that's what he's always had. He also has a very sensitive stomach and would throw up almost every day. My vet did not have anything that helped. I am so grateful to my coworker for telling me about Cornucopia pet food. She gave me a couple of cans to try and miraculously Tony loved it! I could see that he felt better within a few days of eating Cornucopia. I also give him their supplements mixed with the food. He hasn't thrown up since he started eating Cornucopia, two months ago. That is a miracle! He is gradually gaining weight and his coat looks better than ever.

Siberian Huskies, Bella and Zeida and German Shepard Cujo

Dear Dr. Broderick and Staff, I wanted to thank you for taking time out to speak with me regarding my Siberian huskies, Bella and Zeida and German Shepard Cujo. It has been 9 months of pure hell cleaning up after the huskies from their chronic diarrhea and vomiting anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week. When watching the Shark Tank just listening to Dr. Broderick and his daughter, I knew this product would have to be given a chance. Dr. Broderick explained to me what the food and supplements could do to give my babies optimum health and get rid of the chronic issues they have and also explained I would notice the difference within a week.

I'm happy to report that within two days of being on Cornucopia my babies have not had one bout of diarrhea or vomiting. Anyone who has pets knows the constant emotional stress especially when they're not feeling well, when you feel helpless and know you've tried anything in your power to make sure that your pets will be happy, healthy and live beyond the life expectancy. These puppies are my babies and now I can finally relax a little and enjoy them. I will keep you updated on their success! Thank you once again for giving me peace to know that my babies have a fighting chance in life! I am a customer and friend for life! By the way Shark Tank made a big mistake - Cornucopia is in my opinion a true miracle and I'm so glad through public awareness pet owners now have the option to do what's best for their animals.


Jennifer Sperduti

Chrissie (Domestic Short Hair) - Jennifer Morris, Owner

When a family member passed away, I adopted his cat who had severe gastrointestinal issues - the most serious of which was fecal incontinence. Three conventional vets and one homeopathic vet were not able to help. Cornucopia is the only thing I've found that she is willing to eat, and also keeps her symptoms in check. She is maintaining a good weight and healthy looking coat with only occasional gastrointestinal symptoms. Huge improvement from when she first came to live with me.

Cornucopia made my dog like a puppy again

John C

Huntington, N.Y.

Since I hold the responsibility in our home for what we feed our dog, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Geoffrey Broderick at a seminar. He taught me what not to do when it came to our dog's nutrition. He suggested I feed our dog Cornucopia and explained its benefits in detail, comparing what I was feeding our dog, to what I should be feeding our dog, real human grade organic food.

My wife and I met Dr. Broderick when CJ was 7 years old that was a year ago. CJ seemed to be in excellent shape and health, so I was a bit skeptical of Dr. Broderick's initial claim about his food. I thought what I was feeding CJ was good healthy dog food, so the package stated due to its superb colorful marketing campaign. The one thing that I noticed that stood out other than "Doc's" belief in his food, was when he talked about the veterinarian industry. He is definitely not a fan on how these doctors treat their patients and that there was a synthetic pill or injection for everything. It is just like what our medical doctors are sworn to sell us, which I can't stand, and most know nothing about nutrition.

So in my mind, why wouldn't the pet food industry do the same thing as our medical industry, and lead us into believing their pet food was healthy, go down the same path as we do as humans (that are not informed by their physician), for the sake of the industry's financial gain. Win for the vet, win for the pharmaceutical industry, a win for the pet food industry as well as the human medical industry. Where does that leave our dog? Eating junk food worse than ours. So, I put CJ on this new regimen of Cornucopia.

Within 3 weeks of eating Cornucopia, CJ bounced around like he was a puppy again, jumping from rug to rug, like it was a game. He races around with his toys in his mouth, having a ball every day. It was amazing to my wife and me to see this. I did not think he could do any better than he did, prior to feeding him Cornucopia. Well, we are glad that he eats Cornucopia and so does CJ. Every time my wife or I pull out a can of Dr. Broderick's food, CJ rolls over, sits and gives us his both paws. He just can't wait to eat it. Thanks "Doc" for your recommendation and if CJ could talk, he would say "thank you for making me grow younger". The funny thing is that people joke about "Doc" being the reincarnation of HIPPOCRATES. I think it is obvious.

The Best Food & Peace of Mind Money Can Buy!

Donna Mason on Oct 02, 2016

Your food products are amazingly healthy and my dog has never before been able to stomach other pet foods (we tried at least 15 brands) for longer than 2 weeks! I've been buying your Harvest and Chicken & Egg by the case since I found you on Shark Tank since Feb. 2014! I add my own "dinner" scraps of cut up organic chicken meat, brown rice, organic peas, organic sweet potato puree and feed her twice a day, 12 hours apart@ 2 to 2 1/2 ounces. My dog is 11 yrs old and was on the brink of death, diagnosed with Addison's Disease. Your food has helped immensely bring this family peace of mind and our dog-ther great health. She does require a monthly shot of percorten-v, but your food keeps her fetching and running around like a young pup! Thank You for the great product and your book was very good too! Especially the chapter on how the pet food normally makes the stuff we give our loved ones! They should be locked up! Well thanks for Cornucopia Express. We buy 2 cases (2 different varieties) and alternate her flavors so she doesn't get bored. Not that she would with your excellent products.

All testimonials were originally posted to the Cornucopia website.

Cornucopia Food for Pets - Review Summary


A measure of excellence, the degree to which the product or service meets the customer's expectations.


How well the company (or individuals within company) takes care of the customer's needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer's requirements are met.


The cost compared to other similar products on the market. 
Additionally, what a product or service is worth to a customer versus the possible alternatives.

Overall rating:  

4.8 / 5

The quality of Cornucopia food for pets is outstanding. As mentioned, all ingredients are certified organic and wild crafted. There are no antibiotics, drugs, GMO's, or any other harmful ingredients or practices. My cats love the food and even my finickiest cat has expanded her repertoire of favorite flavors. I always receive excellent service when ordering or calling and I receive my orders very quickly via FedEx. Doc often checks in on us to make sure all is well. I did, however, mark the cost score down a bit because the cost may be prohibitive for some. However, when I look at the quality of food I get and how my cats respond, heal, and thrive from this diet, the price seems more than fair. Keep in mind, you'll also save money from fewer vet bills. :)

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick

Dr. Broderick's

Open Invitation #2

Dr. Broderick invites you to give him a call with any questions you have about Cornucopia Food for Pets or any other pet health related questions or concerns you may have. He'd love to hear from you :)


Store bought pet foods are very cheap and made with harmful ingredients.  I lost 4 beloved cats to “unexplained illnesses” that I now know stemmed from the harmful food I was feeding them (some labelled as “natural”). 

Cornucopia organic pet food does cost more than the normal store bought pet foods. The upside, however, is that you will save loads of money on vet bills from illnesses and also avoid the stress, anxiety, and grief caused by these pet diseases as well. You will also feel great knowing that you are giving your pet baby the very best for his/her health and wellbeing.

When I was given a death sentence for Ripley, I immediately searched (and prayed) for help. I found Cornucopia and Dr. Broderick. Cornucopia food for pets is a Godsend for me and my cats.

Ripley, who seemed to have a long recovery from having a cancerous tumor removed, was struck with a strange infection months after her surgery and starting on Cornucopia. It’s my belief that it was the Cornucopia and its nutritional value and organic ingredients that brought her through that affliction. Now I watch Ripley thrive on Cornucopia and I say with all my heart, “Thank you”.

Bear, my boy who is moving into senior cathood, is also thriving on Cornucopia and loving every minute of it. They both seem happier and more playful. Seeing them happy and healthy makes me smile with joy. 

I’m glad my eyes were opened to the problem of unhealthy pet foods that are causing illness, disease and death in our beloved pets. I’m grateful I found the solution that can extend my pets’ lives and greatly improve their health and quality of life.

I highly recommend Cornucopia food for pets and I encourage you to give Doc Broderick a call with your questions and concerns. He can be blunt and to-the-point, but he will not mislead you. I’ve dealt with a few other veterinarians before over the years that I thought were well-informed and had my and my pet's best interest at heart, only to be dead wrong about them. I trust Dr. Broderick and believe that he does want the very best for my fur babies and all pets. Give your pet the gift of health and an extended life with the healthiest pet food.

Start restoring health & extending your pet's life with Cornucopia organic human-grade food 

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